eLGO - Industrial Light Model HST-250-1, fully restored

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1990s, Poland 5x Lamp Perfect Set for Pub , Restaurant for unique Design.

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The lamp comes from the warehouse of the European steel manufacturer and was designed in the early 90's. The lamp has a new electrical fitting and the bulb thread has been converted from industrial to standard e27. The HST-250-1 was designed and manufactured in the 1990s. These lamps illuminated warehouses and industrial and manufacturing halls. Recommended use in living space i.e.hanging lamp over table, bar or island. The cover is made of aluminum, the "chimney" steel and the thread of the bulb is originally porcelain. Bottom lamp protected by thick gold-plated tempered glass. If you replace the bulb, disassemble the glass, very safe and straightforward, which facilitates the three latches and the screw.

Weight: 5.00 kg
Dimensions: 46x68cm H Total height (with cable) - 200cm